Farming (Gardening)

I actualize my farming dream last October. When I were looking for a rental farmland, the process was not very smooth, either too expensive or too far from my living place. One Sunday,  I continued my searching, met the gardener of my working office. Told him about my difficulties, he invited me to visit his to see if I am interested.

It is not a very big size land. He visually measured it last week. It is about 400sqf, same size of my apartment :). But I am already more than happy for someone so generous to share the land with me.

Last September visited Paris and bought back some cherry tomatoes seed (you can imagine how I saved the seeds ;)). Therefore, the 1st thing I want to grow is this lovely little cuties.

Growing this crops faced many challenges. Last x’mas our farm was visited by boars. They dig out everything we put in. Luckily they didn’t eat or destroy. Looked like they were playing with our plants.

This Jan and Fed, we experienced super cold weather. It dragged down the growing process. Last two weeks, non-stop rains killed many branches. I don’t have many babies left 😦 .         

 After the boars visit, I thought the Noire De Crimee couldn’t make it. However, I saw this big flower yesterday :).

You can see the branches turned dark.

I know I should start to plant the summer crops. However, I really enjoy the tomatoes! I will definitely grow them again this winter.



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