2015 Starts from past ….

2014.. means lot to me…

I am one year older.

I am heading closer to the retiring age.

I lost my favourite cat, Chocolate. I did not write a post for you because I didnt want to mention this fact. I have your picture on the wall so that I can see you anytime. Just like dad. I miss you.

Every X’mas, my friend would ask where and how I want to spend my birthday. It is in 2 weeks from year end. This year, as my birthdy is on Sunday, I suggest to do hiking. In my place, so many hills. Not very high and not difficult to walk. Hopefully we can see some small creatures, not bug and snake please.

2014 let me further discover my ability to pick up new skills. I continue to explore more and more bread receipes. I tried to make garbage enzyme, still in testing phase to see which type of staine it can remove. Slow progress on making leather goods but still enjoying to “think” of the style. I have not given up the Soap and body cream product making. More agressive planning is to have a place for these DIY products selling.

Visit many places in 2014. Most of the time are on business trip. Glad to spend time with friend to Malaysia. Hope I could go Europe this year.



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