These days my another interest is Kombucha. Read many articles about the scoby, how it works and what benefits it would be given to human body, I decided to try brew Kombucha myself. I ordered the scoby online, not cheap, including the freight charges.

The packing of the scoby was pretty intact and strong. It came with 1 cup of starter juice so that I could make a successful brewing.


From web, told oolong tea bag would brew nice Kombucha. I tried it with my 1st batch. Having drunk it for a week, I started to cough. Then I checked the web (Chinese one) to confirm oolong is green tea actually. Chinese has philosophy of heat and cold body type. I couldn’t take cold stuff for long time, otherwise, body would react in a negative way. I then changed to Black tea. I have been drinking Kombucha for a about two months, I don’t see particular obvious change on my body, except pretty energetic after a 1/4 cup in the morning. I guess it is my body effect to sugar.

Yes, sugar. I read few articules / studies reminded people to be caution the residual sugar of Kombucha even after 7 days (7 days is the general brewing time for sour and sweetness taste.) Even you have tasted the sour taste, it doesn’t mean the sugar has been consumed by the scoby. Scoby starts to eat sugar after 15 days and very slowly. If you really have problem with sugar, you would better to brew it for 1 month.


Here are some document link you might interest.


If you are interested to Kombucha, you don’t have to buy scoby. You can check social network to see if anyone could share one with you.


Kombucha is easy to grow and brew. Hope you enojoy.


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