Home Made Bread

Have been a long time away from blogging. Am focusing few items. I will post it here one by one. The first and spent me most of the time is Bread making. You might be interested to know why Bread making spent me much time. I am working woman and bread making would take at least 4 hours for 1 batch. I read many blogs and recommended the low temperatur fermentation process. This allows me to prepare dough a night before and I can do bread shaping after work of next day.  The whole process seperate into two phases does help on time management. Now I can enjoy my own home make bread everyday. IMG_8110

In my living place, threathened by the horrible news about oil making pastry avaliable in the market for bakery shop pushing people to make bread at home. The sales of bread machine jump high. One of the Credit Card welcome gift is bread machine. Funny. But it is really true that if you make your own bread, at least you know what you add.

Good health and good life to everyone.



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