Jan 2014 – Dubai & India – Part I

Date : 14-24 Jan 2014
Destination : Dubai and Pune, India
Participants : Me and my colleagues
Weather: Winter Season means dry. Temperature was around 20c degree in day time.

We planned this business trip for long.

Part 1 : Dubai
14-Jan we took the plane to Dubai. Reached airport around 12:00pm.

Dubai Customs

We got into downtown around 1pm. Special buildings are one of the famous thing you will see everywhere.





However, their food is not fit for chinese taste. They just have meat. Vegetables is not easy to find from the menu. They also like to add potato chips everywhere. I could find it inside the kebab. This time, didn’t have time to try their arabic cuisine, so regret. I will try it next time.


Gold souk is one of must see place in Dubai. Their design is really “luxury”.


During weekend, we managed to visit Madinat Jumeirah. From there you can see the Dubai Museum.


Madinat Jumeirah actually is a modern built souk to incorporate different type of souk into one for tourist easy to surf. Inside there, you feel safe. Of course, I like the old one more.


I am looking for this type of lamp for long. I was not aware I can find it in Dubai. The owner told this lamp actually is made in Turkey.


Close to our leaving days, there is a French restaurant newly opened. We found the bread there is very good. The inner setting is nice as well.



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