2014 looking back

Looks like a bit late to write this post as we are already in 2014….

Yesterday, received an e-mail from my Indian colleague who explained what happened to him on September, telling why he disappeared for about 2 months. I recalled he was in hospital for a minor surgery. However, weeks and weeks passed by, I did not see him online anymore till November.  From his e-mail, I learnt that he was discovered a rare dieases related to the heart infrastructure. I was told by my another local colleague that it is almost impossible to cure. Anyway, he is fine at this moment.

It is his e-mail triggered my brain to replay what happened on September last year-I lost my father. I then rolled the tape a bit earlier to the time he faced a critical moment, i.e. a month before Chinese New Year. I remembered the doctor told me she was attempting to save my dad so that we could have Chinese New Year all together. The doctor made it. She saved him. But I also notice the doctor could only save my dad from Death for a while. Dad’s situtation was deteriorting. Dad’s leaving was not surprising to me.

I placed his picture on the wall. Now I can easily to see his face.

Whatelse I have been discovered in 2013?

My skills….

In order to get away from depression, I started to look for something to do for my idle time. Two things attracted my sight, i.e. handmade body care products and leather goods.

To be more precise, I have been starting to make body care products since end of 2012. Deepening my skills and knowledge on 2013. I enjoy the simplicity of making body care products. It is not impossible to make at home actually. Thanks for those who has contributed their time to put the posts and video online to share their knowledge.

Making my own leather goods was triggered by the handmade leather goods shop owner who has raised the price of a backpack to HK$4000 which I definietly could not effort to buy. I then start to surf bookstore to read how difficult to make one my own. On line materials lead me to the place I can buy raw materials locally. I made the 1st backpack my own and got compliments from friends and colleagues. Happy.

Looks like not bad at all in 2013 for me.

Life needs to move on and life needs to be happy & meaningful…. That was 2013 telling me.


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