His story ended – Part I

Date: 23 September, 2013
Time: 4:00am
Weather: Monster Typhoon impacted.

Call received. Nurse told he couldn’e make it. Suggested we rushed to hospital immediately. I called mom calmly : It is time. We need to go now. I heard crying voice from another side. I kept saying: he needs 1 set of clothes to change. In a minute, mom hung up the phone.

Because of the typhoon impact, I could only take taxi. Frist stop was mom place. I told the driver to wait for a while. I then rushed to mom’s apartment. I saw mom sitting on the bed. I asked her if she has picked a set of clothes for him to change. She said she doesn’t know what to choose. I then asked her to change. She stoned and said she doesn’t know which clothes she should change. I was shocked.

I took clothes from her closet. Then I pick one set for him.

All set. I hold mom’s hand.
We stepped out the door.
Mom got in the taxi.
Mom said sorry to taxi driver for taking so long.
Driver started the enginee.
About 20 minutes, we arrived.

Took the lift to the ward he stayed.
Press the door bell.
Door opened.
We walked towards the bed he laid.
He was wearing the oxygen mask.
He just laid on the bed peacefully.

Nurse informed he passed away at 5am. No pain.
Since mom’s hear ability lost, I typed on my smart phone to tell what Nurse just said. Mom cried.

I prey to God many times : if he needs to go, please take him peacefully and painlessly. God heard.


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